A MIDI player fit to my needs.

´╗┐Musewave Changelog


[*] Fixed export progress bar.


[*] Fixed null reference.


[+] Added check to prevent running with KernelEx on Windows 98 and Me.

[*] Renamed MidiPlayer config section to Musewave.

[+] Added signature checking to the updater.

[+] Added option to disable automatic update check on startup.

[*] Fixed slow net code.

[*] Fixed threading issues with the export process.


[+] Added settings window.


[+] Added app.manifest for better compatibility for Windows Vista and up.

[*] Fixed some compatibility issues.

[*] Changed changelog window behaviour.

[+] Added forum link to the about window.

[*] Rewrote configuration handler.


[*] Changed name from Midi Player to Musewave.

[*] Backported changelog and about window from v2 project.

[*] Backported improved export infrastructure from v2 project.


[*] Updated URLs ( ->

[*] Attempted to fix update checker getting stuck.

[+] Made the program single instance and added IPC.

[*] Fixed crash when setting a soundfont while no MIDI file is loaded.

[+] You can now specify a file as an argument.


[*] Fixed anchoring of the Repeat checkbox.

[*] Updated about window.

[*] Backported new initialisation code, startups should be somewhat faster now.

[+] Backported exception logging code.

[+] Display build date in about window.

[*] Backported export selection window.


[-] Removed auto updater.

[+] Added simple update check without any built in downloading.

[*] Moved manual update button from the main UI to the about window.

[*] Fixed crash upon start with blank config.


[-] Removed some more leftovers from the old file tree code.

[+] Added repeat button.

[*] Made sure all windows get the correct icon.

[*] Fixed typo on about window.

[+] Added new resource loader.

[*] Rewrote Changelog and Export selection windows to be designerless.


[*] Rewrote the file browser panels entire.

[#] They now support a number of new actions, like pressing CTRL+C while a file is selected will give you its full path.

[#] Folders are loaded on demand which will reduce load times and they can be reloaded individually.

[#] On top of that there's also a new button which will open an Explorer window with the file or folder selected.

[*] Use magic delegates everywhere.

[+] Added processor architecture detection code (adding proper BASS libs soon, will also come with a new updater).

[*] Rewrite Position and Length to use TimeSpan rather than position and length in bytes.

[+] Added position and duration text displays to the interface (thanks to the previous change!).

[+] Added checks to see if we're running on Windows before doing WinAPI calls.

[*] Fixed small issue where labels in the file trees were editable.


[*] Retarget to .Net Framework 2.0 from 4.0.

[*] Fixed two instances opening on startup update.

[*] Fixed updating on Windows XP.

[*] Make sure we're in the working directory of the Midi Player exe directory on startup.

[*] Fixed the UI thread being blocked by export operations (you can now also play a different midi while the export is going).

[*] Fixed anchoring of the Reverb/Chorus toggle.

[+] Added native MP3 and OGG exporting support (requires external binaries, the program will tell you what to do).

[+] Added Reverb/Chorus toggle.

[*] Exporting MIDIs is now instantaneous!


[*] Changed update server domain.

[+] Added a button to manually show the changelog window in the about dialog.

[+] Changelog now shows up in a window, rather than notepad (or whatever is set to open .txt files).

[-] Removed NewPlayer elements (cancelled).

[-] Removed Index dependency.

[*] Thread safe text updating!


[*] Fix typo.


[+] You can now Shift+Click the refresh buttons to display the full path to either the midi or soundfont.

[*] Made the panel no longer hide selection after losing focus.


[*] Fixed the last midi not being stored properly (and also an ObjectDisposed exception?).

[*] Reordered Info menu in new player ui.

[*] Bound play button events in new player ui.

[-] Removed comment from Export window.

[+] Handle Player related UI updates through event handlers.

[*] Moved update loop to Player class.

[*] Made MidiPlayer.NewPlayer always visible in the config.

[*] Restructured configuration file.


[+] Completely rewrote audio backend.

[+] Show changelog after updates.

[+] New About window.

[-] Removed unused debug utils.

[*] Cleaned up some internals.


[*] Use SetMidi and SetSoundfont rather than manually assigning the variables.

[-] Remove the dropped TXT file informing users about the bug.

[*] Fixed export only working while already playing a midi.

[*] Fixed the Export button still requesting a path when not Midi or Soundfont is selected and just doing nothing afterwards.

[+] Created Changelog.


[+] Project started.